Lincoln tattoo studio hosts “Pokecharity” event

Tattoo of Pokemon character "Gengar" on a man's calf
Photo: Richard Pearson

New Lincoln tattoo studio, Between the Lines, are tattooing each of the 151 Pokemon characters for charity.

Ashley Newton, Ben Horrocks and Rebekah Hodgson opened their tattoo studio at The Terrace on Grantham Street three months ago and are proving popular with their charity scheme.

Pokemon is a worldwide famous game created by Satoshi Tajiri in Japan, 1996.

The tattoos are priced from £30 to £50, with £10 going to Cancer Research. Each character can only be tattooed once.

University student, Richard Pearson, had his tattoo of the character “Gengar” last week.

“I grew up playing Pokemon and still do, but having a permanent reminder of the fun I had playing it brings back all the nostalgic memories from my childhood.

“It targets our generation that played them and older since it was released, the people getting them will be of age for tattoos or slightly older and from a charitable approach it’s not the most conventional way to bring money in for charity which is good, as it reaches into a domain that isn’t typically known to make money for charity.”

So far, 42 of the characters have been crossed off the Pokemon board at the studio, so be sure to book yourself in before it’s too late!

For a list of the first generation Pokemon characters, click here.

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