Should the army joining age be raised?

Campaigners and religious figures have said the British Army should stop recruiting under 18 year olds.

Recruits can currently volunteer from the age of 16.

Human rights group Child Soldiers International called for the age to be raised in an open letter to the Ministry of Defence.

Christian peace groups from around the UK and bishops from All Church in Wales signed the letter.

However, the MoD has no plans the change the recruitment age at the moment. They also argued enlisting at a younger age could be more beneficial.

Currently, 16 year olds can join the army, but only with parental consent.

Helen Barker, of City Vibe, spoke to Reece Cowlishaw about his views on the matter.

“I’ve got two perspectives. One in the sense of putting a military on for what I do and what I think in that respect. But I have another view in the civilian point of view,” he said.

Reverend Sally Foster Fulton is convert of the church and society council of the Church of Scotland. She believes the UK is out of step with other countries in the European Union.

“We’re the only country in the EU with a recruitment age of 16. We’re completely out of step with the rest of the planet to be honest”.

Helen’s report can be heard in full below.



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