Veggie Fayre

This Saturday will hold the 6th annual Lincoln Veggie Fayre.

The fayre will take place at the Trinity United Reformed Church on Garmston Street.

Specialist food chef Rebecca Kane will be opening the event and giving a raw food demo. She will also be doing a book signing as well.

Vegan Lincs are the organisers of the fayre.

Linda Wardale, founder of the group, told City Vibe why it’s so great to be a vegan:

“It’s good knowing you are doing something to help animals and animal welfare. And you’re helping the environment as well,” she said.

We here at City Vibe decided to challenge 6 of us to go vegetarian and vegan for 5 days.

Mathew Shaw, a member of our team, went vegan for the week. But how did he find it?

“To start the week it was incredibly difficult not being able to eat the regular foods I have. However after I got past the first obstacle it became easier each day to eat as a vegan,” he said.

As well as cooking demonstrations, live performers will be at the fayre.

You can find out more about the veggie fair and a mystery performer by listening to this…



Lincoln Veggie Fayre Poster