West End Residents disapprove of plans for Skate Park

Residents of the West end have voted against plans for a skate park to be built on Hobblers Road off Long Leys Road.

Lincoln Skate Park Design - City of Lincoln Council

At a meeting on February 3, just over 20 people voted for a motion that to to request the City Council Executive to withdraw plans.

The group wants to stress that is supports the council’s plans for a state-of-the-art skate park in Lincoln, but not at Hobblers Hole. The residents are also worried that there are no public toilets near the area and there are no buses past 5pm.

They argue the land was gifted to the people of Lincoln by George Whitton with the instructions not to be developed, so the council has a moral obligation not to develop the land.

They feel this money should be used on developing the football pitches in the West Common as well as building play facilities for children.

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