Magna Carta Signing Comes to Life at Lincoln Castle

The signing of the document in 1215 is the basis for English law. Hear what those conversations may have sounded like. 

1215.  The Magna Carta.

Magna Carta Document from 1215.

These are the basis of modern English life as we know it. Barons set out to make King John agree to representation in law making.

That monumental moment was put down on a piece of paper and signed.

But what was that moment really like? Was the John happy to sign or was there arguments on what would make the agreement and what wouldn’t?

It’s hard to imagine the scenarios that played out while simply looking at an 800 year old piece of paper, but on May’s Bank Holiday, this scene came to life at Lincoln Castle.

(Listen to what the day sounded like and the reactions of the crowd)

Dozens of actors portrayed nobility, knights, and others from 1215, playing out what the scene and conversations may have sounded like during the crafting of the Magna Carta.

One of the remaining four original copies of the document is now on display at the castle, marking the 800th anniversary of the agreement.

It is the original copy that was meant to be displayed in Lincoln. That is identifiable but the marking of “Lindum” on the manuscript.