Police Launch Wildlife Awareness Week

This week is National Wildlife Crime Awareness Week and Lincolnshire Police are supporting the campaign by informing people about animal protection laws.

Ducks swimming in Lincolnshire pond.

Each day of the week Lincolnshire Police are focusing on different animals and today they are informing people about badgers.

The aim is to increase public knowledge of wildlife crime in the local area and to teach people how to spot the signs that it is taking place.

Wildlife crime includes offences such as poaching, killing or disturbing protected species or damaging their breeding and resting places. These extreme pressures can push animals and plant species closer to extinction and can cause animals unnecessary pain and suffering.

According to Lincolnshire Police particular areas of concern with regards to Wildlife Crime in Lincolnshire are deer poaching, badger digging and lamping, habitat damage and persecution of birds of prey and other wild birds.

Many of these offences occur in remote rural areas meaning the Police in Lincoln are reliant on members of the public keeping an eye out on their behalf.

You can keep updated with Lincolnshire Police’s work on Wildlife Crime Awareness week on their social media throughout the week.

Lincolnshire Police ask that you call them on 101 with any reports of wildlife crime, or call crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.