Flights to Sharma el-Sheikh cancelled after plane crash

A picture of the Eygyptian flag
Egyptian flag
Photo: Chuck Siefke

Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh from the UK have been cancelled following Sinai plane crash on Saturday.

Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed on Saturday after leaving Sharm el-Sheikh to head to St Petersburg, killing all 224 people on board.

After it was announced that there was “significant possibility” that the crash was caused by a bomb explosion, flights going between Sharm el-Sheikh  and the UK have been grounded.

However it expected that tourists already in the country could be flown home as early as tomorrow, with empty passenger planes being flown to the country to bring home thousands of tourists. It’s believed that there are 9000 British tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Mark Brewer, the Director of Lincoln-based independent travel agents, Imp Travel told us that it’s important for people with holidays booked to remain in touch with their travel agents to find out what’s going on, as well as following the advice of the Foreign Office.

“It is the ATOL cover that is paramount,” Brewer said when talking about travel insurance; “If people have booked through a travel operator or a tour operator and something like this happens then it’s the tour operators responsibility to ensure they have accommodation until their flight is found to bring them home.”



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