LSJ unsheathes the details on Lincoln sword fighting

Two fighters duel it out in a sword fight at Wolfshead Martial Arts centre in Lincoln.
Two fighters duel at Wolfshead Martial Arts centre in Lincoln.

Alternative Western Martial Arts are on offer at the Strike-Zone centre in Lincoln.

Wolfshead Western Martial Arts showcased their 15th century European sword fighting skills.

The Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) draws on the expression of competitive open combat, however the aim is to learn more about both the spirit and the application of the art.

Wolfshead instructors teach a variety of different skills needed to study the Martial Arts of Historical Fencing and related disciplines using accurate techniques and materials to the time period.

Aaron Renfree went along to find out more.


Classes take place every Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm at Strike-Zone Martial Arts Training centre on Croft Street, Lincoln.

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