Sales of sausages simmer down after reports it could cause cancer

Sausages hanging
Sausages hanging (Photo: Irina Souiki)

Shopping lists will be shorter this week as it is revealed that processed meat such as sausages and bacon could cause cancer.

A recent report from the World Health Organisation says consuming processed meats could be as harmful as smoking.

UK supermarkets have seen a £3 million decrease in the sales of bacon and sausages in the last two weeks.

The sales of pre-packed sausages reduced almost 16 per cent in the last week of October and almost 14 per cent in the following week.

Bacon sales have also reduced almost 17 per cent since the report was revealed.

A Lincolnshire butcher, Ken Roberts said: “I think when the warning came out it was about processed sausages, like dry sausages. They hadn’t stated or told people what sort of processes the sausages are going through. why haven’t they?”

His advice to people is “if they’re worried about it they should source their meats from a local butcher. The local butcher will tell you where its come from and how it’s prepared.”