Unpleasant roommates? A new app has the solution

Roomr takes a different approach to helping people find suitable flats or houses to live in. Instead of hundreds of classified ads, the service for iOS and Android is designed for those looking for a flat or letting a room to find each other.

The app is based on the principle that homes are best shared. Jordan Burnett, University of Lincoln alumni, designed the app after graduating with a degree in interactive design in 2012. After graduation, Jordan moved down to London, where he met Paul Davis, who would become the developer behind the Roomr App.

“We both ended up in nightmare scenarios where we were living with people we didn’t really want to live with,” said Jordan. “We found it really tricky because there are hundreds and hundreds of ads out there. This service helps people to find housemates they want to live with, so people who are similar to them and have the same interests.”

The duo quit their jobs in April 2015 and began working full-time to develop the Roomr. In a matter of 6 months, the app was completed and launched by October. 500 users have already downloaded the software to date.

Using a system of tags to identify lifestyles, the app then matches an individual to a flat. A tag can be as simple as ‘rugby’ or ‘watching netflix’. From there, it will pair up lifestyle habits and hobbies to find a match.

Designer Jordan Burnett sat down with City Vibe reporter Angeline McCall to talk about the start-up.