The Government plans to bring in tighter internet restrictions

6830332301_bce2290894_oThe UK government has confirmed plans to enforce age checks on porn sites. These plans are designed to block children under the age of 18 accessing the sites.

The Conservative Party stated these changes would be made in their manifesto pledge in the run up to the 2015 general election.

The government has launched a public consultation on how best to enforce age restrictions on web content that would receive an 18 or R18 rating from the British Board of Film Classification.

The consultation would like to encourage comment from parents, teachers, charities, academics, internet service providers and websites providing adult content.

The age check plans are aimed at websites set up to make commercial profit, but commentators say that means children will still be able to access porn on free sites, blog sites and messaging sites.

People in Lincoln of Lincoln have mixed opinions of the Governments plans.



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