Car cloning is on the rise

Stolen cars without plates, ready to be used as colnes
Stolen cars without plates, ready to be used as clones. Photo by the National Crime Agency.

The UK is seeing a rise in car cloning to commit traffic offences according to APU.

Car cloning

APU, the Motor Fraud Investigation Services have said that a number of cases have surfaced recently, and they worry car cloning could be back on the rise again.

Car cloning is when the registration of the legal car with tax and insurance is copied and put on a stolen car, of an identical make and model. The drivers of the copied car are then untraceable when a crime is committed.

Cloned cars are often used to avoid prosecution from traffic offences and are usually linked to gang crime.

Neil Thomas from the APU said: “There has been more cloning incidents and that it’s worrying for public safety, as well as being a huge cost for public services to try and deal with it.”