Miss Lincolnshire 2016 finalist adds community spin to her dress

Annabelle Potts, Miss Lincolnshire 2016 finalist
Student,Annabelle Potts, (pictured above) is one of the finalists for Miss Lincolnshire 2016 and wants to show off Lincolnshire in her dress. Photo: Becky Lancashire.

Annabelle Potts, a 21-year-old Business and Marketing student at the University of Lincoln, is putting a community emphasis on her dress for the final round of Miss Lincolnshire 2016.

Annabelle has made it through to the final round of the Lincolnshire ‘leg’ of Miss England, an annual beauty pageant which started in 1928.

“I followed pageants for quite a while and I just thought you know what, I will have a go and I want younger girls to take inspiration from me.”

While many people are keen to put Lincoln on the map, Annabelle’s looking to put Lincoln on the dress. She has been reaching out to people who live in Lincolnshire asking for their pictures, so that she can get them printed on her dress for the pageant final.

“I have asked people on a Lincoln Facebook page to post their photo’s. People have been commenting with the photo’s they have taken and which mean something to them. I have received a really great response, so far about 30 people have sent in photos.”

Find out more about the pageant process and Annabelle’s plans for the dress in the video below.

Video credit: Becky Lancashire, LSJ News