Laughter Yoga helps dementia sufferers in Lincoln

Dementia patients in Lincoln are trying an unusual way of dealing with memory loss.

Laughter Yoga increases oxygen to the brain and is also a great way to socialise and have some fun.

Laughter Yoga instructor Linda Nightingale says, “When you laugh you have different changes in your brain and the yogic element of laughter yoga is deep breathing.

“Your brain needs 25% more oxygen than any other organ in your body, so if as you get older you shallow breathe then you’re not getting as much oxygen as your brain requires.

“That can contribute to lack of concentration and memory problems.”

It was first made popular by Indian doctor Madan kataria, who wrote a book about the practice.

The exercises are designed to bring out people’s childish side, and allow them to benefit from the mental, physical and spiritual effects of laughter.

Linda says, “It’s to help people realise that they don’t need to rely on videos and comics etc. to laugh, that they can actually use fake laughter, and that fake laughter becomes spontaneous laughter. It’s a whole body experience.”

Laughter Yoga can be adapted to a range of different groups of people. To find out more about Linda’s work, visit her website:

Listen to an audio package about the workshop below:



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