Fancy a cup of Joe to go? Wheelys Cafe is on its way to Lincoln.

A new coffee shop on wheels will be opening in the Waterside Shopping centre in Lincoln on November 28.

Matthew Deyn, 20, from Lincoln, has invested £10,000 into bringing his own franchise of Wheelys Cafe to the city.

Matthew joins 200 other franchisees across the globe with a Wheelys Cafe, all biking around to people in the city they serve.

The man behind the bike: Matthew Deyn, 20, is bringing the Wheelys Cafe franchise to Lincoln.

The unique coffee bike is powered by a car battery which runs off a solar panel at the top of the cart.

The cart will be stocked full of, coffees, hot chocolates and vegan snacks.

Customers will be able to place their orders through the Wheelys App, and pre-order their coffees and snacks which are then prepared and ready for collection for a certain time.

Samuel Gilbert reports.