Alcohol Awareness Week

Glasses of beer and wine
What happens when alcohol becomes more than just a pint down the pub?
Photo: eltpics

Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink can prevent symptoms of depression, according to leading national charity Alcohol Concern.

In the UK, people who experience depression or anxiety are twice as likely to be heavy drinkers. Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy an estimated £7.3 billion each year, and across Lincolnshire it is estimated that 18.5% of adults regularly binge drink.

Problems with drinking in Lincoln mainly concerns students and young people. Daniel Bell, a second year student at the University of Lincoln, says he can see why people would want to turn to alcohol in difficult times:

“Its just to fill the void really, you don’t feel yourself when you’re drinking big quantities of alcohol and that is what they want. They don’t want to feel themselves they want to be like someone else.”

Drinking alcohol is linked to an increased chance of several cancers including bowel, breast, liver, mouth and throat.

Look out for the hashtag #knowtherisks for information and help about alcohol issues in Lincolnshire.

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