Students at the University of Lincoln are the most burgled in the East Midlands

A study by Locksmith Service has shown that students at the University of Lincoln are the most burgled in the East Midlands.

The survey found out the precise number of burglaries in UK student towns and cities that had occurred within a one-mile radius of 25 different universities outside of London in 2016.

According to the study, there were 326 burglaries at the University of Lincoln between January and November 2016.

Even though this was the highest in the East Midlands, the highest in the country was the University of Manchester, with 822 burglaries.

Just behind  Manchester was the University of Leeds, with 799 burglaries and the University of Sheffield with 706.

According to Crime Stoppers UK statistics, one in every three students unfortunately becomes a victim of crime.

They outlined the reasons why student houses are easy targets for burglaries and said it is because students’ attitudes generally stem from a lack of responsibility from living independently and getting caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle that university encapsulates.

They also put it down to students owning valuable technological devices such as the latest smartphones and laptops, therefore, making their houses become highly attractive to burglars.


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