Psychic Lizard predicts Burnley V Lincoln FA Cup tie

Since dropping out of the football league six years ago and dodging the administrators, Lincoln City fans have had little to celebrate.

In fact, the last FA Cup run was in 1902 when the Imps managed to reach the last 16.

With fans now queuing for tickets as early as 4am and bumper crowds at the Bank, some would say that cup fever is at an all time high amongst the Imps’ followers.

But can City get past Premier League opposition Burnley to reach the dizzy heights of the quarter finals of the FA Cup?

One wannabe-psychic animal Larry the Legless Lizard has tested his skills at settling those City fans’ nerves with a prediction.

The legless lizard – distinguishable from a snake because they have eyelids, external ear openings, lack of broad belly scales, a notched rather than a forked tongue and a very long tail,  is not the first animal to chase a career in the psychic arts of football prediction.

Back in 2010, Paul the Octopus rose to world-wide fame after he correctly predicted 12 World Cup matches, Paul passed away the following October, aged two and a half years old – the normal lifespan for the species, at the time his agent, Chris Davies, told the BBC: “It’s a sad day. Paul was rather special, we managed to film Paul before he left this mortal earth”.

Since Paul’s passing a number of psychic creatures have tried to fill his boots, from Shaheen the Camel, Nelly the Elephant, Oobi-Ooobi the Koala and now Larry the Legless Lizard.