Niece of heart attack sufferer starts fundraising page for life saving equipment

The niece of a man who went into cardiac arrest in Morrisons in Lincoln has created a fundraising page to buy the store a defibrillator.

Katie Phillips, the niece of the man created the fundraiser as a show of gratitude to the staff and the store for saving her uncle’s life.

The fundraising page is on GoFundMe, the world’s largest social crowdfunding platform. People can donate a sum of money in order to reach a monetary goal.

Ms Phillips has said on the page that if it was not for the quick acting of all the staff, her uncle would not be with his family and children today.

She said: ”As many of you know, my uncle suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday while doing his weekly shop with his wife.

”If it wasn’t for the quick acting of all the staff in Morrisons Lincoln he would not be with us today and his four little girls would be without a daddy. Amazingly they performed CPR for 30 mins.

”We want to raise enough money so Morrison’s can buy their own defibrillator. Each defibrillator cost a massive £1,000 and we understand that this is a lot to ask.

”Over the next few weeks we are going to work together and hopefully we will reach our target! Every penny we raise is a penny closer to providing a defibrillator as you never know when you may need one!”

The page has over one hundred and fifty Facebook shares and she has raised ten percent of its thousand pound goal since it was created on Sunday, March 5.

Staff had to perform CPR for thirty minutes on the father of four who collapsed while shopping with his wife in the grocery store. Corie Morgan carried out CPR on the man at the Tritton Road supermarket with the support of colleague Amanda Dean.

According to the staff, the ambulance service has said that the man would have died if he had not received immediate medical help.

You can read more of Ms Phillips’ statement here: