Collabro to support Cliff Richard in Lincoln

Musical theatre group Collabro have been announced to support Sir Cliff Richard on his upcoming Just Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour.

Musical theatre group Collabro. Winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2014.
Left to right: Matt, Michael, Jamie, Thomas.
(Photo: Cuffe and Taylor)

The group rose to fame after winning the 2014 season of Britain’s Got Talent. Since then they’ve had a number 1 debut album, a number 2 followup and completed 2 American tours.

Collabro will be touring following the release of their 3rd studio album ‘Home‘ which was released earlier this month.

“Cliff Richard is a true music legend and we are thoroughly honoured to be given this opportunity to support him on tour” said the band.

The tour begins in June, coming to Lincoln Castle on the 24th. This could mark something of a homecoming for Lincolnshire’s Thomas Redgrave.

“The venues for the Just Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour are absolutely magnificent and we will look forward to what is sure to be a fantastic couple of weeks on the road with a music icon.”

The band are supporting Sir Cliff for the tour following the release of his 43rd studio album ‘Just… Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll‘ last November.

Listen to the full interview with Lincolnshire’s Thomas Redgrave below.


More information and tickets are available online from

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