Top five tips to avoid disappointing Mother’s Day flowers

There was disappointment across the U.K. last year when customers reported receiving wilted flowers or ones that didn’t quite fit the description, that’s if they were delivered at all!

So, to make sure that things go right this year here are our top five tips for avoiding Mother’s Day disappointment.


  • Plan ahead

Seems simple, right? Well simple is sometimes the best path to take. There’s going to be a rush for the flower shops on Friday and Saturday, we’ve all been there! So this year start the prep a little early. Use online sources to buy flowers, just check the reviews first!

(Photo: flickr: Lucille Pine)
  • Pick the right ones

Know what kind of flowers your mum likes for starters but do a little research too. Maybe you can find something that fits the bill for her but is long-lasting enough to be fresh on the day.


  • Go for bulbs

Bulbs could be the way to go if you want to buy something that will continue to bring a smile to your mum’s face. Takes away the pain of them dying at least!

(Photo: flickr: Michael Levine-Clark)


  • Deliver them yourself

I know, I know, you’re busy. You’re always busy aren’t you. Now imagine you mum saying that with a sad look on her face. Feel guilty? Good. If you can find any time, deliver them yourself, it’ll mean a lot more even if the flowers themselves are a little lacklustre.


  • Don’t buy flowers

You could always avoid the problem altogether by getting her something else. Chocolates taste better I assure you.

(Photo: flickr: Judy van der Velden)