City of Lincoln Council launching new landlord accreditation scheme

The City of Lincoln Council will be launching the Trusted Landlord Scheme on March 30, in the attempt to improve the quality of privately rented accommodation in the city.

According to the council around 20 per cent of the housing stock in the centre of Lincoln is privately rented, which is higher than average. Because of this the council wants to make sure landlords put the welfare of their tenants first, before profit.

Hannah Cann, the housing standards officer for the City of Lincoln Council, said: “We’re hoping that once we’ve got a number of landlords signed up, we will be able to tell residents to only go to these landlords.”

For a landlord to join the the scheme they need to be considered ‘fit and proper’ and comply with the legal requirements of a landlord. They will also need to agree to a code of practice, which includes things such as dealing with repairs promptly.


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