Lincoln City supporters arrests lowest rate for eight years

Lincoln City fans are more well behaved than they have ever been. Photo by LSJ News.

A freedom of information request by LSJ News has revealed that the number of Lincoln City fans arrested at football matches is at its lowest number since records became available June 2009.

According to Lincolnshire Police only four fans have been arrested so far this season, significantly less than the 22 fans who were arrested in the 2014-15 football season.

Andy Pearson, football intelligence officer for Lincolnshire Police, said: “I think there’s two reasons for this change.

“One is Operation Hartford which was launched following the violence at the Lincoln City and Luton FC match a few years ago, and second is that less risk groups have been travelling to Lincoln to watch the games.”

Risk supporters are defined as a person, known or not, who can be regarded as posing a possible risk to public order or antisocial behaviour, whether planned or spontaneous, at or in connection with a football event.

Mr Pearson went on to explain how the police officers new approach to fans at football matches has also helped.

“The officers took a quite laid back approach, engaging with the fans and making sure they weren’t confrontational towards them.

“Obviously if there was a problem they would have stepped in.”