A charity which prevents paedophiles in Lincolnshire from offending may be set to close

StopSO website Photo: Aaron Renfree

StopSO provides therapy to people who are at risk of committing a sexual offence.

The charity has raised £6,000 and hopes to raise £80,000 to be able to run for the next year.

3 therapists are based in Lincolnshire and 4 people from Lincolnshire received support in 2016.

Juliet Grayson, the chair of Chair of StopSO, said: “Prevention has to be better than cure, people are approaching StopSO asking for help and we all want to keep society safe.”

In 2014, the National Crime Agency estimated that there were 750,000 men in Britain with a sexual interest in children.

Juliet believes that her charity will help those who are afraid to come forward.

Sophie Lavender, who runs a local charity that helps abuse victims, said, “If StopSO closes then my charity will see an increase in victims needing support. StopSO really does help the community.”

The charity is receiving donations here.