Is Lincoln High Street closed for business?

The old BHS store Photo: Aaron Renfree
The old BHS store Photo: Aaron Renfree

6-months on from BHS’s closure in Lincoln, the High Street gains two more casualties.

Dorothy Perkins and Burton are both set to close in April.

Lincoln High Street is becoming a place of boarded up shops, with BHS’s old building still not housing a new store.

When BHS closed it caused over 8,000 redundancies, 100 of them from Lincoln alone.

Nick Morgan started working at BHS 19 years ago as a 4 hour Saturday lad, which saw him eventually grow into a department manager.

“It’s just such a real shame, particularly for a place like Lincoln. It occupies such a prime location and with it been empty for 6 months there seems to be no signs of anybody going in there. It’s such a blight on the High Street and I hope somebody soon does something with it,” he said.

Michael Armstrong from Lincoln Big said that shop closures are an “expected natural process”.

“They are part of a cyclical thing that happens at this time of year when businesses look to the future and move on,” he said.

Which shop would you like to see return and do you think that this is the end of Lincoln High Street?