Voluntary Group to expand clean-up zone

Gowt Drain Clearance

A local team are deciding whether to expand their clean-up zone, after collecting 83 bags of refuse from a Lincoln waterway.

Gowts Action Group, which was founded by five volunteers, are concerned about the public’s lack of care towards littering. Within two days, the group found a large number of empty cans, syringes and hardware on the stretch of water leading from Sewell’s Walk to Boultham Avenue, known as Gowts Drain.

Members were particularly shocked at the amount of fast-food packaging dumped in the drain and when more than 70 vodka bottles were discovered behind a tree.

Currently the group is discussing plans to go beyond their usual route to include Coulson Road, which they hope will have a bigger impact on the city’s appearance. The volunteers not only want people to enjoy the sites of Lincoln, but they are desperately trying to make the waterways more environmentally friendly for the wildlife situated there.

Group member, Jim Tweedle, is hoping that their efforts will make an impact on the public to stop endangering the natural habitat.