Lincoln Choral Society Performs a Music extravaganza ‘Mass in time of war’ at the Cathedral

Lincoln Choral Society. Photo: Mark Wilder

Lincoln Choral Society is performing a musical extravaganza at Lincoln Cathedral on 4th November, starting from 7:30pm.

The music performed is conducted by Mark Wilder. It was originally composed by Haydn’s ‘Mass in time of war, Elgar’s ‘Spirit of England’ and Finzi’s Farewell to arms.

Four years into the European war that followed the French Revolution, Austrian troops were doing badly against the French in Italy and Germany, and Austria feared invasion.

The music depicts the essence of that time. It shows how mass helped people to come together who wanted peace and desperately needed to end the war.

In the podcast, I have a chat with Mark Wider and get to know about how did it come into his mind of doing this concert and what is the essence behind it.