Sixty percent of speed cameras across Lincolnshire can be turned off at any time

Mobile speed cameras used around Lincolnshire.

An investigation carried out by LSJ News has found that up to half of the county’s speed cameras can be off at any one time.

There are 50 speed cameras across the county, and according to the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP), the numbers of functioning speed cameras can vary from 40 to 50, to less than half of this.

They have explained that speed cameras are only put in as a last resort, and are for peoples’ safety, but will be removed if a suitable engineering solution can be found.

John Siddle of the LRSP said: ” You have to assume as you are driving that a camera is live. Cameras may be switched off for a long time, and people may notice that. But as soon as that camera starts flashing again, people get the message.”

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