WATCH: Hospital staff car parking costs to rise

Parking charges for staff at Lincoln County Hospital will rise for the first time in over three years.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust will implement the charges from Friday 29th November.

The percentage of the change varies depending on which payment band a member of staff fits into.

Nurses, who normally fit into payment band 5 will see a rise from £13.41 to £18.07 for their monthly parking permit.

Management will see a rise from £20 to £26.95 per month.

It’s not only staff who are being affected either. Next week, visitor and patients will feel the impact of the increased charges both on pre-paid parking and pay on exit.

A freedom of information request by LSJ News in 2017 revealed that in the business year 2015-2016 ULHT made a net profit of £560,607 in direct parking charges.

Corall Jenkins, regional representative for the workers union ‘Unison’ said: “I have said to them you need to talk to your staff otherwise they’ll see and feel that you are using them to pay the debt off”.

“They’ve come back to me and said the parking is not contractual which means they can increase the charge when they like without the need for consultation”.

Paul Boocock, director of estates and facilities at the trust said: “These difficult times have lead to difficult decisions being made by our trust board including increases to public and staff parking.

Jack Surfleet has more on the story in the video below.