Homelessness in Lincoln is “impossible” to solve

Solving homelessness is an “impossible task” according to Lincoln’s Salvation Army.

These comments come after the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, spoke in his Autumn Budget to propose a ‘homelessness task force’ to halve homelessness and rough sleeping by 2022 and eradicate it completely by 2027.

Lieutenant Huw Dutfield, Pastor of the Church at the Salvation Army said: “It is an impossible situation. How are you just going to create homes for these people overnight? There is already a shortage of housing. These people want to be in Lincoln. Where are they ever going to find a house in Lincoln.”

A report by Shelter last month revealed that there are about 255 people sleeping rough in the East Midlands.

The Nomad Trust in Lincoln, published figures following this report, saying that there are 80 homeless people within the City of Lincoln.

Lieutenant Dutfield added that homeless people really need facilities such as showers and toilets: “These guys just can’t use facilities. That is one of the biggest problems.

“They can’t go to the toilet, they can’t shower. If they had the facilities they’d be happier than they are now.

“It is the facilities they really need, but to find housing for them it’s just impossible.”