Mothers-to-be welcome new maternity hub launched in Lincoln…

A new maternity hub has been opened at the Birchwood Children’s Centre in Lincoln. The centre is the first of four pilot schemes that are being introduced in Lincoln as part of NHS England’s Maternity Transformation Programme.
The programme comes as part of a five-yearly review of the NHS’ maternity services, and aims to ensure women and babies receive safe, more personalised care that suits the needs of the local community.
Tracey Pilcher, a senior responsible officer for the Lincolnshire Maternity Transformation Programme and Better Births Lincolnshire has said ‘Our maternity hubs will bring together so many services into one local venue and that can only be a good thing for mums, dads and of course their babies too.’
The pilot scheme will run for 12 months and give parents access to antenatal, postnatal and general health and social services under one roof. Other services that will help mothers quit smoking and gain knowledge of childcare, will be provided by local voluntary agencies and also be available at the hubs.