Weather warnings issued over Lincolnshire winds

Some wheat in a windy field (Photo: Bill Lapp, Flickr)

The Met Office has announced a Yellow weather warning from Wednesday night to Thursday morning. This is across all of Lincolnshire, as well as Northern Ireland, much of Scotland and parts of Northern England.

Lincolnshire has been warned that between 21:00 on Wednesday to 12:00 on Thursday that wind conditions could be hazardous. The height of the winds (projected to be at 06:00) is expected to blow at 34 miles per hour, and with a gust intensity of 61 knots. This is 20 knots higher than required for the wind to be considered a “storm” or “severe gale” by the Met Office.

This is on top of a forecast for light snow early on Wednesday, and a 95% chance of heavy rain on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Temperatures are expected to reach lows of 2°c (feeling like -5°c).

For more information, visit the Met Office’s webpage for Lincolnshire