Broadgate Banksy – Could the famous street artist have left his mark on Lincoln?

Is this the genuine article? Graffiti bearing Banksy’s signature appeared on Unity Square late last night. Photo: Lewis Foster

Satirical street artist Banksy made headlines this weekend after a fresh work in Hull was vandalised. Now residents are asking, could Banksy have made his mark in Lincoln?

The image is being dubbed the ‘Broadgate Banksy’, after a graffiti picture bearing his signature appeared on Unity Square off Broadgate last night.

The picture bears many of Banksy’s signature motifs and features what looks like a rat, wielding a bloody question mark.

Photo: Lewis Foster

A genuine Banksy could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction. Keep it Spotless sold for $1.7 million (£1.2 million) at auction in New York. It is the most expensive Banksy ever sold.

Unfortunately fans and experts have their doubts about the authenticity of the ‘Broadgate Banksy’. The image has not appeared on any of Banksy’s social media accounts or on his website and appears to have been stencilled on paper and plastered to the wall instead of sprayed directly to the surface.

Ellen Brady, an art expert at The Collection, said: ” I think it’s a copycat. From the photographs you can see it has been stencilled first which I don’t think Banksy would have done.

“If it has been his work, a genuine work, he would not have done it on paper first and then pasted it up. Also I think the scale of the work, and the detail of the work would have been a lot stronger.

“It’s unclear from the image exactly what it is. It strikes me that it’s someone who admires Banksy’s work and style and wanted to draw attention to a certain area of the city but without necessarily being Banksy himself.”