Lincoln named one of the worst cities in the UK for road congestion

Lincoln has found itself in the top worst cities in the UK for congestion, coming out on par with Birmingham.

Inrix, which is a driving and traffic statistical website, found that Lincoln drivers can be spending more than 36 hours every year stuck in stationary traffic.

Traffic is regularly clogged up in Lincoln city centre










This puts Lincoln in third place, behind top rankers Manchester and London.

According to the information found by Inrix, Lincoln is the worst city for being held up in traffic at peak times.

And despite being a small city, Lincoln has been ranked the 67th worst in Europe, and 118th worst in the world.

Hodson’s Coaches of Lincoln has noticed a financial pinch with the increase in traffic on Lincoln’s roads.

Tim Gooseman, Transport Manager for the company said: “If you have to pay ten drivers an extra hour a day, that is a significant amount over the year. The traffic does seem to have gotten much worse over the years.”

Lincolnshire County Council said the data is not that accurate, is Lincoln is small compared to the other cities.

Congestion is said to cost drivers an extra £2000 each year in fuel and other car expenses.