Valentines Day the Roman Way.

Valentine’s day is the day of love celebrated across the world by many people every year on February 14th.

It’s believed Valentine’s Day originated from Rome after Roman Emperor Claudius II said single men made better soldiers and banned them from marrying. A priest named Valentine did not think this was fair and married young lovers in secret. When Valentine was discovered, he was executed.

This story inspired the Collection Museum in Lincoln to hold a Valentines themed family fun day as part of their half term activity program, children have been given the opportunity to craft tea lights, write Roman love letters and pose as Romans in a love heart photo booth.

You can see some of the activities in the video below.

It’s been estimated that In the UK this year nearly £1.4 billion will be spent on Valentine’s day.
£308 million will be spent on romantic dinners out and over £300 million will be spent on cards and flowers; making Valentines Day the second most popular card sending holiday after Christmas.