Veggie Friendly Lincoln – 5 restaurants to try

Fussy eaters? No, we’re just a group of vegetarians and vegans trying to find some choices in our dining instead of being stuck with the salad. Living in Lincoln for four years, I have had to navigate the restaurants around the city for veggie-friendly menus whether going out with friends, dates, parental visits, Christmas meals, or hangover recoveries.

Click through the gallery to see my Top 5 favourite vegetarian offerings (*vegan options available) around the city of Lincoln, if you’re ever craving something more than a basic wet lettuce salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants

Café Shanti

Located at the top of Lincoln high street, Café Shanti is the number one option for meat-less eating, with every food item being vegetarian and nearly all being vegan too. A large menu with a wide range of options makes it Lincoln’s premiere Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant. With large food portions and relatively cheap prices, it’s the first place to come to mind.

Rising Café

Rising Café is a personal favourite of mine. Although there are limited vegetarian options, their veggie afternoon teas are deliciously good and fairly priced, from a classic sandwich option to the “over the body” Mexican themed selection. Situated in Alive Church, Newland, the Rising Café is that it is a charity with all proceeds going towards helping recovering addicts and the homeless, many of whom volunteer at the café.

Horse and Groom

Having visited the Horse and Groom for a mouth-watering veggie Christmas Dinner, I was soon back to trial their regular menu. Located at the mouth of Brayford Pool, their menu features many veggie starts and platters, but only two main options. However, the homemade Mediterranean vegetable pie won me over and remains one of the best pies I have ever had.

Coffee Aroma

Coffee Aroma, located on Guildhall Street, is my personal lunch go to. Although mainly a coffee shop, Aroma offers some delectable sandwiches and hot paninis, as well as soya drink options. Although slightly more expensive than your average high street brand, the rustic décor and tasty drinks and food make it a great midday place to chill and chat.

Café Zoot

Located in the Cathedral Quarter, Café Zoot has a number of vegetarian options from breakfast through to dinner. Although a bit on the pricey side, the portion sizes and quality of the food are worth it, with a killer vegetarian breakfast and the surprisingly tasty artichoke spaghetti. Definitely a choice if you’re trying to impress.