What is Formula E?

A lot of you will know that Formula 1 is the most watched motor racing series in the world, featuring reigning-World Champion, Britain’s Lewis Hamilton. However, there is another series that is continuing to grow in its popularity within the world of motorsport, that is Formula E.

Formula E is a fully-electrically powered motor racing championship unlike in F1, and features some drivers who have previously competed in the petrol version. Formula E races are held all over the world, most notably in Paris, Berlin and New York.

Pit stops are mandatory in Formula E races but instead of cars coming in for a change of tyres like in Formula 1, the drivers park in their team’s garages to jump into their second cars with fully-charged batteries in them. This is because the battery that is fitted to a Formula E car cannot last the race distance.

Here is a video of what happens during a Formula E pit stop:

However, from Season Five (2018-19) onwards drivers will compete in races by only using a single car that can last a race distance, meaning they will not need to switch into a second car half-way through the race unlike from the video above.

A Formula E race (otherwise known as an ePrix) lasts around 50 minutes, but the length of the races from next season will be reduced. This is to ensure drivers make it to the end of the race without the need of using a second car.

The first ever Formula E race was staged in Beijing in September 2014, which became a classic opener to its inaugural season:

Formula E is currently in its fourth season, with Punta del Este in Uruguay hosting the next race coming up this Saturday.

The average speed of a Formula E car is a maximum of 140mph and is able to go from 0-60mph in three seconds.

A feature that is also included unlike other motorsport series is what is called a ‘Fan Boost’. This is where users on social media can vote for which driver they want to be given a speed advantage in order to help them overtake the car in front:

For UK television audiences, they can tune in to watch Formula E races live on Channel 5/Spike, or they can watch highlights on Formula E YouTube. So if you are interested in watching electric racing cars competing on street circuits, then why not watch the Punta del Este ePrix live this weekend?