Your toothpaste alone won’t stop enamel erosion

A recent study has found that ‘anti-erosion’ toothpaste cannot protect against enamel erosion alone.

A recent study has found that toothpaste alone cannot protect your teeth from enamel erosion – professional dental treatment and your diet are important, too.

The increase in dental enamel erosion in the past couple of years means many toothpastes are now boasting their ‘anti-erosion’ protective effects, but how much do they actually do to protect your teeth?

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland set out to answer this question by putting nine ‘anti-erosion” toothpastes to the test. They were tested on real human enamel specimens through a series of 5 erosion-abrasion cycles, and afterwards the level of enamel loss associated with each toothpaste was calculated.

The results of the study showed that enamel erosion occurs regardless of whether the toothpastes claimed an anti-erosion effect or not. Although some showed a lower level of enamel erosion, none were fully able to protect against it.

The different chemical and physical properties of each toothpaste were analysed too. It was found that toothpastes with a higher concentration of calcium and phosphate protected better against enamel erosion, but still cannot fully protect your teeth.

However, don’t change your toothpaste brand too quickly, as the authors stated that the study did not take into account the abrasiveness of each toothpaste and so more research is needed. They also stressed that regular dental check-ups and a diet low in acidic foods are key to maintaining your dental health.

The full study is available to read here.