5 Stalls to try from the Lincoln Street Food Festival 2018

The Lincoln Street Food Festival has returned for another year, bringing with it a host of mouth-watering flavours from around the globe. Hurry though, as this festival that you can find on the High Street of Lincoln ends on Sunday 25th March. In this article we get you acquainted with some of the foods around, and what to expect from them.

  1. German Sausages

During the Lincoln Christmas Market, one of the highlights is always the fantastic array of German sausages on offer. This year’s Street Food Festival sees the always popular stalls return to hand out their take on a delicacy that has made Lincolnshire so famous; sausages.

2. Meats from around the World

This stall doesn’t beat around the bush, it offers exactly is what is written down. From classics such as steaks and burgers, to the more peculiar meats that everybody should try at least once such as venison and kangaroo. With all the other stalls available to try, it’s hard to resist the urge to approach this one, and your nose will agree.

3. Island Spice

Lincoln sorely lacks island foods such as spiced jerk chicken, Jamaican rice and peas, and curry mutton. As one of the smaller and quirkier stalls on show, the Island Spice team allow tasters to experience something that is missing from an ever-growing diversity in Lincoln residents.

4. Churros

This fried pastry stall is one of the most popular on the High Street as it’s a wonderful snack for the busy people of Lincoln on the go, and it’s understandable as to why it’s so popular. Assisted by literal buckets of Nutella at the stand for customers to dip their food into, this Spanish treat is something the world should embrace more.

5. French Patisserie

Much like the churro stall, this home-grown take on French pastries and sweets provides customers with small treats to give them an energy boost throughout the rest of the day. In this stall you’ll find various tarts, doughnuts, cakes, and other sweets to tuck into while your browsing the other stalls, and as one of the biggest stalls around it’s completely understandable if you spend your entire time at this one.