5 ways you can join in with WWF’s #EarthHour

Over 40,000 people have already made their promise for WWF’s Earth Hour this Saturday, but what can you do to join in?

In just the last 30 years:

  • 1 in 6 species have become at risk of extinction due to climate change
  • 40% of our forests have disappeared to agricultural land
  • 50% of land species populations have declined

(Source: WWF-UK Living Planet Report)

We’re the first generation to experience the effects of climate change – and we’re the last to be able to change it.

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) are inviting you to make a promise for the world this Saturday 24th March 2018, and for every promise made, Ariel are donating £1.

Polar bears are one of the most at-risk species.
Photo: flickrfavorites

WWF-UK say it’s crucial that students all over the UK do their part to help the planet: “Right now we’re facing some of the biggest environmental threats ever seen. We’re the first generation to experience the effects of climate change – and we’re the last to be able to change it. We’re seeing our oceans suffocated by plastic and over-consumption decimate our forests, the lungs of the earth. Earth Hour shows what we can achieve when we all come together. It is essential that the future generations are inspired to take action.”

Here are 5 easy ways you can join in with Earth Hour this Saturday.

If you’ve still got some student finance left after forking out for the necessities of university life, you’ll be pleased to know that reusable coffee cups not only help the planet, but also get you a nice little discount, too. Instead of contributing to the 7 million paper coffee cups used in the UK every day, why not take your own travel mug with you and bag a 25p discount at most high-street coffee shops?

For clothes that only need freshening up, with no heavy muck on them, washing at 30 degrees is just as effective as higher washes and uses 57% less energy. It could also save you £13 on your annual energy bill.

Sending food waste to landfill accounts for 20% of all methane emissions – by composting your leftovers you could help to significantly reduce this. Compost also helps keep your garden plants nice and healthy, so you don’t have to water them as much.

You don’t have to give up meat completely, but reducing your meat consumption can have a huge effect on the environment. Livestock accounts for 15% of all global emissions, so by trying “meat-free Monday“, you could make a big difference.

At 8.30 PM this Saturday, millions of people are turning off their lights to support the planet. Even Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower are joining in and going ‘lights-out’. Lincoln Cathedral are turning down the brightness, too. Why not join in and try something in the dark?

Let us know what your promise is for the planet down below.