Netflix finally hits again, with its best show since ‘Stranger Things’

On My Block poster. Photo: Netflix

‘On My Block’ is the new Dramatic comedy from steaming service Netflix, and the platform shows once again that its creators keep their fingers on the pulse of teenage culture.

In a similar vain to how `Stranger Things’ managed to merge teenage culture with Sci-Fi and fantasy, `On My Block’ manages to meld teenage culture with the drama associated with gang violence in Los Angeles.

At its heart On My Block is a coming of age story about a group of friends dealing with high school, puberty and the troubles associated with young love. The show maintains a comedic tone throughout with comedy being derived from the interactions the four main characters have with each other and the zany side characters.

The plot pivots off Cesar joining a gang whilst the group is split up on summer holiday, once the group are reunited Monse the female lead the others Jamal and Ruby to help her free Cesar from his new gang life. the plot thickens as a love triangle forms as a new girl joins the group, whilst Cesar struggle leads the group on a desperate hunt for a way to free Cesar ending in a treasure hunt across LA the season ends with a dramatic, heart warming and heartbreaking ending leaving viewers begging for more.

The diverse cast are all charming and endearing, and will pull viewers with their believable banter. Each character experiences their own struggles such as lost family, gang and gun violence and lost treasure. the story manages to successfully weave the dramas of living in LA in the background of the character driven plot. 

By the final episode each character has experienced a character arc and the seeds have been sown for the future of the show. Given the audience and critical response to the show, still holding a 100% on Rotten tomatoes a second season seems likely although there has not been any word on a renewal from Netflix thus far.

If your looking to laugh and cry whilst watching a program that remains relevant to the conversation surrounding gun violence in the US, then this is the show for you.