University of Lincoln students celebrate the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’

Students of the University of Lincoln celebrating Holi. Photo: Saurabh Shankaranarayan

Students from the University of Lincoln have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. The celebrations which lasted for nearly an hour were organized by the Hindu society of the University.

Holi is an annual Indian festival. It is celebrated in India as an onset for the spring season and as a thanksgiving for a successful harvest. People prepare sweets, apply colours on each other and light a bonfire to celebrate Holi.

This year, the festival of Holi was on March 2, but celebrations in Lincoln were delayed by a couple of weeks due to the snow and cold weather.

The student community in Lincoln celebrated Holi by applying colour on each other’s faces and dancing around to some sappy Bollywood music. Several non-Hindu students joined in the festivities making it a grand success.