Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace

Yoko and John Lennon

Wrongly blamed for the break up of The Beatles, Yoko Ono had long been an artist and activist in her own right.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1933 Yoko is an artist and peace activist who has been at the forefront of the peace protests starting with protests against the Vietnam War.

Appreciation for her work has evolved over time and is said to have influenced artists such as B-52, but the press’ opinion of Yoko was not always positive and often drew light away from positive works.

As an attempt to get away from the judgemental British Press who viewed her negatively, Yoko and John Lennon emigrated to America. Where on 23rd of March 1973 Yoko was granted permanent residence, where she still resides.

In 2012, she was awarded the Hilbebrandt Human Rights award, given for extraordinary, non-violent commitment to human rights.

Imagine Peace Tower, Iceland. Gunnar Þór Gunnarsson

Since John Lennon’s death Yoko has been active in her work to preserve their legacy, funding Strawberry fields memorial in central park Manhattan and the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.

Currently, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, which is a large tower of lights that beam into the sky is lit several times of the year. ‘Imagine Peace’ in inscribed around the structure in 24 different languages, surrounding the structure called the wishing well.

It is currently lit to celebrate the couples honeymoon, from 20th to 27th March.

Send wishes for World Peace to the Imagine Peace website.