Columbine Anniversary: US students in solidarity

The ‘March for our Lives’ campaign last month. Photo: Mobilus in Mobili (Flickr)

The 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting is set to be marked by a mass walk-out of schoolchildren and students across the US.

It follows last month’s national walk-out, observed after the shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day this year.

Demonstrations have been organized by the National School Walkout campaign and the March For Our Lives protest (pictured above) that saw anti-gun messages and slogans laid out in front of the Trump International Hotel, owned by the US president.

in 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went to their school in Colorado and killed twelve of their fellow students and one teacher on a morning of terror.

Klebold and Harris were in their senior year at the school, able to purchase live ammunition and a deadly weapon due to the gun laws prevalent in the United States.

The national walk-out is designed to highlight the dangers over the lack of effective gun control in the country and a succession of politicians and presidents that have failed to address their concerns.

The campaigns have received a lot of traction and celebrity endorsement on social media. Actor Robert de Niro has written an open ‘absence’ letter to schools across the country in a show of solidarity with the schoolchildren walking out.

Photo: Stephen Melkisethian (Flickr)