Gear up for the exam season

Nobody likes exams, but it is important to start preparing in advance. Photo Credits: Zenely Photography

It is that time of the year when students are ready to sit in front of their desktops and…well…stare at it for eternity. This is the time when everyone starts searching for blogs and articles which they believe can help them with tips on studying in a better way. So to re-assure you that things won’t be as bad you think, we present quick pointers on how few changes can maybe help you this exam session.

Clean it up

Remember that surface in your room which has all the coupons of food and clubs? The surface which has been used by you to hog on McDonalds and throw your things on? That is a table which can be used to study and we recommend that you clean it and for a change and place your books on it. Believe me, it can handle books.
A lot of people on internet are going to tell you that having a messy room is just a representation of how brainy you are, but it is important to clean your messy room in order to concentrate better.

Alcohol who?

Sure you have had innumerable drunk nights when you couldn’t remember what happened when you woke up the next day. However, it is now time to forget alcohol and solely concentrate on exams. Substitute alcohol with coffee, and you would be ready for an ‘all-nighter’.

Netflix without chill

‘One more chapter’ has been long substituted by ‘one more episode’ and we blame Netflix for that. While it is always okay to binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., exam season would be that one month when you should consider logging off your Netflix. I mean, yeah there are good shows coming up but do not let them tempt you.

Date your calendar

No, not that way! It is important to stay organized and plan in advance if you want to pass your exams. No matter how fast your brain works, if you are a human you tend to forget few things. You cannot afford to forget things when it comes to your final examinations. It would help a lot and take a lot of stress off your mind if you mark the important dates and make a schedule.

Let’s not be social with social media

Yes, it is tempting to check your Facebook feed for a quick 10 minute break. It is even more tempting to put a ‘super zoom’ Instagram video of books scattered on your table. But let’s face the reality, no “10 minutes break” is actually just 10 minutes when you are on social media. Not saying to deactivate your accounts, but it would help if you could switch off your Wi-Fi while studying.


Let’s be honest, we all know how much we freak out when it comes to final examinations. Yes, it is important to get your schedule sorted and not waste time but it is not as scary as it looks. No exam is more important than your health. Majorly, no amount of stress is going to help you. So, relax and breathe. You will be fine.