What Lincoln farmers think about the ban on insecticides

Photo: Stuart Caie

The EU has officially banned the world’s most widely used insecticides to be placed on fields in order to protect bees.

John Green, a farmer in Lincoln gave his thoughts about this recent ban.

“It has to be a good thing because we rely on the bees to pollinate plants. No plants, no food.”

He goes on further to discuss the ban on a spray called glyphosphate.

“It’s used to kill off green foliage, but it’s been banned because it might cause cancer even though the probability is less than smoking cigarettes. The water board use it on river banks, and you can buy it in supermarkets to kill off weeds. If ordinary shop goers can use it, why can’t farmers?”

With an agreement that the protection of bees is vital for the planet, it seems from the farmers perspective that more research could be done regarding insecticides.