Classic Car Rally pit-stops on Brayford Waterfront

The Classic Car Rally was held on Sunday, April 22 on the Brayford Waterfront in Lincoln.

Austin. Photo: Tom Cairns












A showcase of road cars were on display to bring back memories to those who were used to driving the historical vehicles many decades ago.

Photo: Tom Cairns

Cars including the Morris 1000 Minor, Pontiac Superchief and the Mercury Cougar X7 were each showcased by different car owners.

Mercury Cougar. Photo: Tom Cairns

Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club classics co-ordinator, Ken Marsh said:

“This is the 12th running of this event taking place in Lincoln and I’m very sure Michael Armstrong (Events and Promotions Manager of Lincoln Business Improvement Group) will be pleased with how the Classics Car Rally turned out.”

“Some of the vehicles were pre-war and post-war so I’m sure that grandparents in particular, will tell their families that they drove these vehicles when they were a lot younger.”