Horse stabbed with electric fence post in Lincoln field!

A horse has been stabbed multiple times on Sunday 29th by strangers. The incident is believed to happen midday in a field off Washingborough Road.

Owner Lara Houlden, 22, from Lincoln said she found the three year old horse named Jolene with the fencing rod embedded in her stomach. She also found that her other two horses were stabbed in the legs too.

Picture taken by Lara Houlden

“I found her like this, it was a huge shock. She was in a different field to what she should be 2 gates had been untied and opened then shut again to put her in there. They’re better than they were, Jolene still very much worse for wear. Shes on antibiotic and pain killer injections at the vets.”

Picture taken by Lara Houlden

The stab was very deep and the horse was in critical condition but has returned home in good condition this week. The vet has confirmed that there is no damage left and she will be healthy in no time. There is a fundraising happening to raise money for the vet bills which you can help by contacting her Facebook –

“Funding is at about £400 at the minute but still a long way to go!! It’s going to be a huge bill through someone’s spiteful actions!”

She came home on this week and is getting better each day.

She was in rase vets market Rasen. The bill is £940 which is amazing considering Sunday call out, she’s been in since Sunday on a lot of meds. She is happy to be coming home, straight in the box!”

Anyone with information should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 288 of Sunday, April 29.