Top 5 songs for the British Summer

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Summer time is here again – the warm weather, the long days and the parties that we all enjoy during it, but what is a summer without the right soundtrack of songs to accompany it?

Here are the five songs to listen to list summer.

  1. Len – Steal My Sunshine

This classic from the summer of ’99 is often overlooked but totally epitomises the chill and laid-back sound that fits the vibe of summer – well worth listening to when with friends chilling in the garden or at the beach.

2: MGMT – Time to Pretend

This song from 2008 totally fits with the excess we all indulge in at summertime parties but also has this summery sounding and almost trippy vibe that fits those long summer evenings, best enjoyed when in the golden sunshine of the early evening.

3: Vampire Weekend – Cousins

This song from late 2009 totally fits the excitement of the beach, seeing the waves hit the shore and the guys and girls in bathing suits – when this comes you can imagine the sand in between your toes and the summer sun warming your skin.

4: ELO – Mr. Blue Sky

This classic song, all the back from 1978 I feel is the ultimate summer song – when your travelling to parties in a car or bike and the bright blue sky is in full glory and this pops on, it truly feels amazing, definitely worth you listening to at least once this summer.

5: Feeder – Just A Day

This rock song from 2001 is a great song about waking up after long arty nights – a feeling we all know of but is done with such energy that it fits the summer vibe of enjoying the warm evenings with friends and family.

Now with the music sorted I hope that you enjoy the summer and whatever you chose to do during it.