Lincolnshire celebrates the home city of RAF

Lincolnshire welcomes the 100 voices trails across the county. Totalling 8 walking and cycle trails, each tells a story of RAF personnel across Lincolnshire. The event commemorates 100 years of the RAF and the close association that Lincoln and Lincolnshire has with aviation.

The stories range from Lincoln at night during war time Britain to the vigorous training of the Red Arrows to perfect their aerobatic performances. Walkers and bicycler’s are encouraged to “earn their wings” by either printing a scorecard or picking up a trail leaflet located at the Visitors Information Centre or information points. Trail followers then get the opportunity to answer a series of questions across five of the trails to “earn their pilots licence”.

The main trail is in the centre of the city titled the Hawk trail, bellow you can view an easy to follow slide show of the trail. it is approximate a mile long and takes just under an hour to complete.

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